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Commercial Insurance

Business Insurance

It's not just any business, it's your business. All Insurance Services, LLC has the right coverage to take care of it. Small business is who we are, it's what we know, it's the place we come from every day. We can custom Taylor coverages to your exact needs, Nothing less nothing more!

It all starts with an agent, a small business owner like you. Someone who understands how much hard work goes into every success, and who'll be there to help protect all that you've earned.


Commercial Insurance

commercialCommercial general liability insurance quotes can be issued as mono line or as part of the business owner's policy package.  It provides an insured protection for legal liability which arises from injuries or damages sustained by a third party.  This is commonly referred to as trip and fall insurance in the public which is clearly slang.  Types of injuries or damages covered by general liability insurance include bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising liability.

General Liability is required in many different instances.  See a couple examples below;
•    Most landlords require tenants to carry general liability to cover accidents that occur inside their units.
•    Most home owners do not ask their landscapers or handy men for proof of general liability but they should.  What happens if that landscaper falls out of the tree she is trimming or the handy man falls off of the roof?
•    Contractors need proof of insurance before they can start a job and get paid for their work.

Commercial AUTO Insurance

If you are in business for yourself or working for others it is likely that you need some form of commercial vehicle insurance. Whether you are a hauler, transporter, contractor or any other type of business that requires a vehicle, our agents can help you find the best coverage for your money. As a business owner, the last thing you want to think about is getting reimbursed for an accident. Get commercial vehicle insurance quotes online for cars, vans, trucks, trailers and more.  We can also help you with garage keepers liability and business owners policies including property and general liability.


Workers Compensation Insurance

workers_compWorkers compensation insurance will generally cover:

* Any injury on the job
* Repetitive motion injury like carpal tunnel
* Lung and breathing issues as a result of work performed
* Medical costs
* Rehabilitation costs
* Income replacement which can be up to 2/3 of salary
* Liability – Lawsuit protection for the business
* Death or dismemberment